The Complete Lost Lennon Tapes 17 e 18

CD1: Volume 17
Do disco 1 dos volumes 17/18 da série Lost Lennon Tapes destacam-se um demo de Starting Over liberado por Yoko Ono pela primeira vez para essa série, covers de John para Dream Lover/ Stay, o take # 8 de I’m Stepping Out e a inclusão de parte das gravações Lost Diary Tape, garvado em setembro de 1979.

01 Serve Yourself another take of Lennon’s Dylan parody 5:15
02 She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round The Mountain traditional American folk song1:01
03 She Run Them ‘Round In Circles/ Beautiful Boy medley of 2 Lennon originals5:38
04 Memories/ Watching The Wheels medley of 2 Lennon originals4:18
05 Stranger’s Room demox XB3 #1, early version of “I’m losing you”3:51
06 Woman acoustic demo – false start – take #40:30
07 Woman complete acoustic demo – take 93:53
08 I’m Stepping Out demo – take #11:42
09 I’m Stepping Out demo – take #36:14
10 (Just Like) Starting Overd emo, never aired – exclusive to this series3:43
11 Dream Lover/ Stay jammin’ on two favorite oldies3:41
12 Clean Up Timevocal overdubs0:55
13 Beautiful Boyvocal overdubs2:03
14 Watching The Wheels vocal overdubs4:41
15 Borrowed Time rough mix4:08
16 I’m Stepping Out unreleased take #85:01
17 Womanrough mix3:08
18 Lennon’s Lost Diary Tape exclusive to this series – September 5th, 1979 13:36

CD2: Volume 18
Pra quem ainda duvida que a Lost Lennon Tapes é mesmo uma série impar, veja só o que traz esse CD. Nada menos que um outtake para faixas do Two Virgins!! No mais, demo versions para faixas do álbum Imagine , Mind Games e Walls and Bridges onde John na versão para Steel and Glass canta um verso extra, não aproveitado na versão oficial da música.

01 It’s Not Too Bad embryonic versions of Strawberry Fields, Spain 19663:29
02 She Can Talk To Me early Piano demo of Hey Bulldog0:46
03 Cry Baby Cry early piano and electric guitar demo fragments3:23
04 Two Virgins Outtake May 1968, John and Yoko playing around in their Surrey homestudio1:47
05 Plastic Ono Band Jamsen dup fifties rockabilly1:39
06 Look At MePOB-sessions – alternate vocals2:52
07 I’m The Greatest dec. 1970 – piano demo0:37
08 How?/ Child Of Nature/ Oh Yoko!medley – piano demo4:25
09 Oh Yoko!piano demo3:23
10 Sally And Billysong from 1970, he would return to 6 years later2:03
11 Come TogetherAugust 1972 “One to One” rehearsals1:47
12 Happy GirlYoko’s call and response song1:10
13 I’ll Make You HappyJohn’s call and response song – lyrcis borrowed from ColdTurkey3:56
14 How Do You Sleep? July 1971, session rehearsal3:45
15 It’s So Hard run-through from the King Curtis sax overdub sessions4:44
16 I Don’t Wanna Be A Soldier, I Don’t WannaDierun-through from the King Curtis sax overdub sessions4:34
17 Intuition take #4 of a series of piano demos3:04
18 I Know take #2 of a series of guitar demos3:00
19 I Know alternate mix of the finished song3:43
20 Aisumasen (I’m Sorry)near-final mix/ great dual lead guitar work 4:00
21 Steel And Glasdark piano version, featuring extra lyrics1:44
22 Walls And Bridges RundownCanadian radio station promo-spot1:56
23 Mirror Mirror On The WallFall-1977 take #2 of the piano demos4:34
24 Memorieshome demo – 1796. John’s house-husband years, recording guitar over an earlier piano demo6:03


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